How to use Google to determine the tip for __ Dollars

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Yes it is official now. You have been using Google search for almost each and every thing that you could possibly imagine and then you have been satisfied by its service as well. But still the matter being that, there have been many experimental exercises going on as to how to enrich the Google experience and many users have been part of this exercise.


Now as a result of such path-breaking exercises, Google has come up with a new feature that you could possibly never imagine, even in your wildest dreams. Yest we are talking about a new feature added to Google search last week which actually does something very unusual and something rather out of the box. This new feature will help you to determine the tip amount that you ought to give and that too with super-precision.

This tip calculator is so simple that you will simply love this. The first thing that you should do to make use of this feature is to type the following in Google search: What is the tip for___dollars. Once you have typed in this statement, what you will see next is a calculator like thing that give you the option to enter the number of parties that are splitting. Now there is yet another function with this new feature, it will help you to calculate the increased amount for say one party by a per cent you think is fine.

In this way you can provide tip according to the exact kind of service that you actually got from the server and this would ensure that the resource is divided in the best way possible. So once you have entered the details, Google will give you the exact amount of money that you shall give as tip and that is just very amazing to say the least.