How to enable new Hangouts in Gmail

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Google Hangouts is offered currently and can be used inside Gmail, similar to Google talk. We’ll show you the way to enable it thus you’ll be able to begin using it directly.

Google released Hangouts last week as a standalone app for iOS, Android, and also the desktop via a Chrome extension. additionally to the apps, you’ll be able to additionally use Hangouts from inside Gmail, similar to the previous Google talk.


To enable Hangouts in Gmail, click on your profile picture from the Google talk chat list, then choose try the new Hangouts. Hangouts will instantly replace talk, then walk you thru a awfully brief introduction to Hangouts.

Keep in mind that it may not have extended to you yet, therefore if you do not have the Hangouts choice in your Gmail account, attempt checking again later. Also, if you opt you do not like Hangouts in Gmail, you’ll be able to switch back. simply click on your chat profile picture again, then select Revert to old chat.