How to be careful about macros in MS Office docs

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It is known to one and all that MS office docs can contain macros which will give trouble to anyone and that you will have to face them at least once in your lifetime, if you are a computer user, which I presume you are. Now anybody wondering as to what the macros are? Well, to say the least, they are annoying and even dangerous code which is in embedded format and is nothing but a code which is in a programming language. What makes them potentially dangerous is that they can carry malwares and in that very bad ones.


Now you might be wondering as to if Windows is completely defenseless on this macro-issue. Not exactly. But it took some time for them to acknowledge this security issue and to be precise, it took them till 2003 to accept it. What was new with the 2003 version was the presence of a macro security level. What it did mean is that only those macros which had a certificate of trust would be allowed to run, making the rest ineffective. Now that was not all. Come 2013 and now not even a single  macro is allowed to run and wonder what, the infection caused by the macros has tremendously got reduce.

Now the most important question arises as to what the user should do in order to be 100 per cent free from the security threat posed by these macros. The answer to this question is very simple and to the point. What you need to do is to accept macros from only those sources which you can trust completely and which do have a clean record of providing malware-free macros to users. This can be learned from simply doing a mini-exercise browsing through the net to get this very list.