How to Install & Remove Windows Phone 7 Apps & Games

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In the past versions of the Windows mobiles, installing the apps or even Games were very time consuming but in Windows 7 devices, it’s easy to install or uninstall all the applications or even games. So let’s check out how you can install or uninstall the apps and games from your Windows 7 mobile device.

How to Install & Remove Windows Phone 7 Apps & Games

How to Install Games and Applications on Windows 7 phone?
            a. For installing applications and games first we need to be signed into by using Windows Live Hotmail account
b. Click on Start button and just tap on the Market place and press the Search button and then you need to type the name of the app or game which you wish to install.
c. If we want to install a free application or game, press Install twice to confirm and download it to your phone.
d. If it’s a paid app then we want to buy the same by tapping on Buy after which we have to provide the credit card and phone number details. After purchasing we can install the same in our device and can find that app in the Application list of windows 7 device.

Uninstalling or deletion of an app is much simpler than buying and installing the apps.

How to Remove or Uninstall the Apps and Games from your Windows Phone 7?
a. click on Start tab and browse to the Apps or to the Games list
b. tap and hold on the app which you wish to uninstall or remove the same
c. select Uninstall or delete.