Finder Tagging system in Mavericks

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If you are that kind of users who regularly use labels for documents as well as folders, then this is going to be of great interest for you. So coloured labels are used to group them and with this feature, you can make sure that your vital files are grouped differently to keep them safe in the long run. With the new changes you will be able to create new tags custom made for you as well as apply multiple tags to a folder or document.

You can go to the File menu in the Finder if you want to get these tags. There you can see a number of colours as well as labels that you can use. Now if you want to apply a tag, all you need to do is to choose a tag. Now you can create shortcuts to access these tags and for this, you will have to get to the Shortcuts option of your keyboard’s system preferences. Now you will recall that these steps have been dealt in detail in a previous post.

Now there is another vital feature that can be used. This is the ability to search for items with different associations of tags and in this way, you can manage tags more efficiently. You can also change the colour as well as the favourite status and this can be done specially in the case of new and custom tags which have got no colour by default.

Now to enable this, you will have to get to the ALL Tags option as given in the sidebar and afterwards, you can right click a tag and assign a colour from the available list of colours as given. Now this is going to be of immense help to you and the responses have been enormous and so do give it a try.