How to enable user library in Mavericks

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The user’s library folder has been getting less respect these days. This is evident from the fact that when the OS X Lion was launched, it did the change and the by default, the home folder does not show the library folder. So without any doubt, this irked many an Apple user. Now it must be said that Apple included something like a link for the same in the Finder. But it can be said that this was a relatively hidden sort of thing.

Now for those desperate about their library folder, there were many ways to get it back but this inevitable meant a lot of complex work which the ordinary user could not do  Now skip to the present and Apple has recognises the importance of the library folder in Mavericks. You can toggle the option to access it from the Finder and what you need to do in this regard is simple. The first thing that you need to do is to open a new Finder window and then you should get to your home folder.


Once you have done that, you need to press Command-J. Now instead of that, you can even consider selecting “Show View Options from the View menu and once you have done this, you will see an option to “Show Library Folder” along with various other options to view. Now all that you need to do is to select the reveal option to reveal the folder.

Now I would like to add a thing or two. Not every user needs to get access to the library folder as it is not useful to one and all. You need to get this option only if you are sure that you will have frequent use of the option to access the library folder every now and then.