How to make better use of your smartphone camera

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Taking pictures is not the only thing that your smartphone camera can do today. There are a number of other very important functions that you can perform using your smartcamera.

The first thing that you should consider is making use of your camera in shopping. What you can do is simple, you can scan the barcode and then you can compare if the same product is available at a lesser cost online. Amazon offers such a product and you can seriously consider this option.

How to make better use of your smartphone camera

The next important thing that you can do with your Smartphone’s camera is that you can use it to translate a text which is given in a foreign language. All that you need to do is to snap a picture and the google translate will make use of OCR, which is also known as Optical Character Recognition to translate the text.

Now another new and very important thing that you can do is to perform a visual search and there are a handful of apps that let you perform a visual search.

Now you can also use your old smartphone in enabling a security camera. All you need is a camera and the patience to make it work as an enhanced security network camera.

Now these are not the other uses of a smartphone’s camera. The fact is that there are a number of other associated functions that can be performed if you would like to add some effort as well. The most important thing is the mind to create something novel which the situation at hand demands from you and there is no alternative to your power to make creative things. Well do take necessary precautions when you make use of you smartphone camera and make it perform functions which it has never done before.