How to make your monitor clean

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You should have done this before as well but you need to know exactly what can be done and what not while you clean your LCD monitor screen. There are a number of incidents when the monitor was actually damaged by cleaning. This points fingers to the need to master the art of properly cleaning your LCD’s monitor and that too with minimum tools and maximum effect.

How to make your monitor clean

The first myth that has been spreading from time immemorial is that for properly cleaning your LCD monitor, you need to apply the cleaning fluid directly on the screen. Now take it into your mind now and here that you should not do this as it can damage the screen then and there. The same thing would not have done any damage for CRT monitor due to its unique screen properties but with LCD, never do this.

The next important  thing is that you should not use cleaning fluids which contain alcohol or ammonia as these can damage the anti-reflective coatings and in the process, make clouding on the screen, causing immense quality loss.

The next important thing is that you should in no case use paper towels or those towels which are used for general cleaning purposes. The thing is that the screen which you are trying to clean is very delicate and it cannot resist the pressure that you apply by using the stuffs mentioned above.

Now the process of cleaning is to be started. The first condition is that the screen should not be hot after use. Then you should try to avoid maximum dust particles off the screen sans touching the screen. A rubber dusting bulb can be used in this regard.

You can use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe you LCD monitor’s screen. Make sure that the Microfiber is dry and clean.