How to use Carrot Alarm for iOS

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Well, one thing that is commonly seen in the daily habits of almost everyone is to press the snooze button. This tendency is very much universal to say the least. Well the more rational among us would say that snooze feature itself fails the purpose of an alarm. Whatever the discussion is, we will discuss the carrot alarm feature for iOS here.

This app does cost 99-Cent.What is special with this app is that it makes you perform a number of gesture-oriented tasks if you want too turn the alarm off. In case you hit the snooze button, this alarm will come back after ten minutes. This time, it will make you do more complex exercises.

How to use Carrot Alarm for iOS

The more you use the app, the more features you will discover. You can set the alarm in the app very easily. What you need to do is to swipe and scroll and set time. Then you need to slide the button on top to turn your alarm on. You will see some screen changes which verifies that the alarm has been set. You can easily retrieve the alarm time set with a simple tap on the current time. I must add that it is so easy to turn the alarm off.

Carrot will let you know that you need to leave the app open. But you need to place your iPhone face down and also charging. You need not worry about the strict features of the app, you can customize almost every one of the given features in amazingly different ways. I must say that this app has given me at least thirty minutes additionally everyday since the time lost in snoozing and sleeping has been completely saved, so much that these days when I hear the alarm, I do get a smile on my lips, thanks to this app. So I recommend this app to all those who wish to utilise your time more effectively.