How to manage the new search settings in Facebook

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Facebook says that it is no longer possible for us to hide our profiles from its Graph Search. So you better get equipped to defend the new challenge that this poses. The first thing that you will need to keep in mind is that as and when you share something, make sure each time about the privacy settings in the share option.



Chances are that now onward the default option will be public. You can also go and check if your previous posts have been limited with respect to its audience. Well you still have got the choice to do this. Well about  photos, you can actually tell your best friends that it is you and still hide from the general public. Well I think you guessed it right. Post photos which may go down as rather generic to the general public but which your friends can really identify with you.

Now using this you give yourself the chance of being spotted by your near and dear ones and at the same time, you can keep away from the gaze of one and all. Yes if you cherish your privacy. Now there is another step but that does border on extremity to say the least. You do know about the block feature by which you can block a person and that person will no longer be able to access your profile. Well you can extend this feature to include more people.

What I mean is that you can block all those whom you do not want to search and find you and in this way you can keep away from the gaze of a  lot of people. Now I do not deny the fact that this step does sound a bit strange to say the least. It depends on your tastes and views as well.