How to Stop Brands from exploiting You in their Facebook Ads

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You may noticed sponsored stories in your facebook newsfeed that scan something like ” likes .” These are primarily social ads where the advertiser is targeting friends of connections to market their Facebook Page.

For instance, if Nidhin likes Samsung Mobile, the Korean company can produce Facebook ads that concentrate on Nidhin’ friends and also the ads can read like “Nidhin Likes Samsung Mobile.”


When your name seems in these social Facebook ads, it’s going to offer an impression that you simply have supported a specific brand. And this isn’t simply restricted to Facebook Pages as brands may use your likes to market mobile apps as well as events that you simply have RSVP’d on Facebook.

How to stop Sponsored Stories
Facebook, sadly, doesn’t give you an option to opt-out of those social ads, so if you prefer a brand of Facebook, your profile is incredibly possible to show up in sponsored stories showing on your friends’ newsfeeds.

There is but a workaround – set the privacy of your Facebook Likes as private and so brands won’t be able to use your likes for ads.


Step 1: move to your about page on Facebook and scroll all the way down to the Likes section.
Step 2: Click the Edit button (the one with the Pen icon) and then opt for Edit Privacy.
Step 3: Set the privacy of “Other” and “Interests” to “Only Me”

Thats it, now Brands won’t be able to use your profile in their sponsored stories.