Manage multiple Google+ profiles: new Android update available

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For those of us with multiple  Google+ account, the recent update to the Android app has been welcome news.

Before the update, the workflow to manage multiple accounts in the Google+ app wanted one to log out of one account, then launch the Google+ app again and select the account you like log back in to. It was really a pain. More than  that,  alerts would not be displayed for the logged out account.

Now with this useful update, you’re able to add more than one account, say for a business page managed by you and your personal account, and still receive alerts for all the accounts connected.

  1. For managing multiple Google+ account, you need to make sure you are using the latest version of it. You can get it  from the Play Store.
  2. Post-updation, launch the app and go to the Settings menu. Under Account Settings you can see the currently logged-in account ,with also an option to Add Account just under. Click on  this button and select the account you like to add, assuming it’s already added to your accounts settings, or add a new account al-together.
  3. Now the  next time you like to switch accounts, you have two choices. The first is to return to the settings page and tap on the account you  like to use .The second and  much quicker option  is to slide out the menu drawer and touch the arrow next to your name. Doing so will display the accounts you have added along  with the ability to switch between accounts simply by tapping on the name. How easy!