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How to Generate Random Name, Address, and Credit Card Numbers

We know that many websites, forums makes it difficult for the visitors from the foreign countries to sign-up for accounts. Sometime we would be required to give out fake information in the forms where you actually need to avoid personal information. is a free service which generates Fake name, Fake email ID, and Fake address and Fake Credit Card number. When  you are on the homepage you would be provided to select from Gender, Name set and the country, click on generate and it will show you up all the details in the same page with additional details like phone number, website, email ID, password, birthday, weight and height. The email address is their free mail services by them for temporary time with password provided.

How to Generate Random Name, Address, and Credit Card Numbers

How FakeNameGenerator does generate those identities?

Name – The name selection is based on random first and last names out of a database which is compiled by public domain sources.

Street Address – The house number is randomly generated. Those are too pulled out from their database.

City, State and Post Code – Its generated from the database and its randomly select out.

Credit Card – They use Graham King’s PHP Credit Card Generator script which generates fake but syntax valid, credit card numbers.

Generated Credit Card is used for client-server side validation techniques. Generated national identity number is used for client-server validation techniques only.

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