How To Get Your Tech Geek Girlfriend to Shut Up

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How To Get Your Tech Geek Girlfriend to Shut Up: A blog around how a tech geek girlfriend can become annoying.

The article that this blog is about is called “How to get your non-techy girlfriend to shut up about not understanding technology.”

This blog is about how to get your tech geek girlfriend to shut up when she tells you about various things.

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You know the type. They have no social skills, but they do have the ability to build a 32-core supercomputer out of old toothbrushes and Monopoly hotels. Or, maybe your tech geek girlfriend can build your company’s network out of nothing but old string and a few tin cans.

You might think that technology is great, but as much as you love your tech geek girlfriend, sometimes her inability to know when to shut up about her private life makes you want to poke your eyes out with a spork.

Here are some tips to get your tech geek girlfriend to shut up.

1) Buy her some new toys; it’ll keep her busy for a while. Maybe she will even be building a new computer tower or something else just as mind-numbing. This way, you won’t be subjected to hearing about all the wonderful new things she has learned because she will be far too busy working on said computer tower (or whatever).

2) Write up an extremely long email about all the stupid things you’ve seen on TV or in other places that have nothing at all to do with technology and send it to her so she will have plenty of time reading it and replying back with numerous other stupid things she’s seen in her spare

You may have noticed that sometimes your tech geek girlfriend won’t stop talking about the latest tech news or gadgets. You may have even tried to avoid them. But what if you can’t? Then here are some ways to cope with this problem:

If your tech geek girlfriend tries to talk to you about her favorite new gadget, then maybe you can ask her questions about it. Maybe that will make her happy and give you time to run away.

If she asks you to buy a certain gadget for her, then just say no. That will stop any conversations about it.

If she asks for help on how to use something, then show her how to use it, but if it gets too complicated, tell her you don’t know how and that she should just read the instructions.

If none of these work, then try telling her that she is annoying and that she needs to shut up. She should understand because she is a geek after all and needs to be logical about everything!

Most tech geek girlfriends always have something new to say about the Internet. They think that everything is about technology. Not only that, but they will tell you about it in great detail, as if you were interested in what they have to say.

The best way to shut up a tech geek girlfriend is to stop listening to her. If you do not listen, then she cannot talk.

The second best way is to start talking about something else. She will try to change the subject, but if you keep talking about something else, eventually she will have nothing to say.

You can also use silence as a way of shutting up a tech geek girlfriend. If she is talking and you do not respond, she will get bored and go away. This works especially well if you are in public.

Sometimes your tech geek girlfriend may want to talk about her blog or her website or her Facebook page or whatever other nonsense she has been involved with lately. The best way to deal with this is to ask her if she wants you to read it or look at it and then say that you do not want to because it might be too complicated for you and make your head hurt. She will be angry for a little while, but eventually she will forget about it and move on

Tech geek girlfriends are notorious for being talkative. They can talk and talk and talk. You can’t get them to shut up with a stick of dynamite. It’s really, really annoying. But don’t worry! I have a solution that is guaranteed to work:

“Honey, I know you love your tech gadgets but for today could you please stop talking about them? I would like to watch TV.”

It’s that simple! Your tech geek girlfriend will be so surprised that someone actually wants to watch TV (after all, who watches TV anymore? People should just read my blog!) that she will immediately cease talking about her new iPad or iPhone or Android phone or Windows Phone 7 phone and instead focus on the TV program you have chosen.

I guarantee this tip will work every time!

You sit there, watching your favorite movie. All of a sudden she interrupts you with “What’s the name of that person again?” or “Why are they doing that?” or “What does that mean?” You want to kill her, but don’t want to hurt her feelings. This blog is for all those guys out there in a tech geek relationship who are looking for advice on how to make their girlfriends stop talking.

This post focuses on handling the situation when you are watching your favorite movie and she asks what an actor’s name is. Your initial response may be, “Who cares? Why do you need to know?” But that will only make her more upset. Or worse, she may keep asking until you tell her.

Instead, try to come up with a subtle hint, such as “I don’t know, but I think he was in Ocean’s Eleven.” After she looks him up on IMDB and discovers he was indeed in Ocean’s Eleven, she will likely be too busy trying to figure out if he was more compelling as Linus Caldwell or Yen to ask any more questions during the rest of the movie.

You can also use this strategy when she asks why they’re doing something in the plot. The key here is not to give her