5 Stress Relieving Hardware Gadgets

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We all have a lot of stress in our lives, whether it’s work or school related. As much as we would love to just leave all of our problems behind and escape to somewhere nice, it’s just not that simple. However, there are some amazing gadgets out there that can help us relieve some of the stress in our lives.

Here are five really cool hardware gadgets that can help you relax:

1. VelaDome – The VelaDome is a light therapy lamp that is designed to be used while you’re at your desk. It simulates natural sunlight, and helps prevent the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Whether you’re working hard on a project or writing an essay for school, this gadget can help you feel better.

2. Lava Lamp – This gadget is especially great for people who love retro décor and accessories! Even if you don’t have a modern office décor, it will still fit right in with your current décor. A lava lamp will provide enough soothing ambiance for any space!

3. Desktop Vacuum – This miniature vacuum is perfect for getting rid of any crumbs or dirt particles on your desk or keyboard! When your space is clean, it’s easier to focus on

We all have stress in our lives. We all have different ways to deal with stress. For some people, they need to be alone and do things that relax them. For others, they need to talk and hang out with friends. For me, I need a bit of both.

What I really like to do is work with my hands. Building things, fixing things… whether it’s computers or furniture, I love doing it all. But sometimes, I just don’t want to work on anything too complex or involved. So for days like those, I tend to try out new gadgets!

There are so many cool gadgets out there that are perfect for relieving stress. You can find the perfect gadget for yourself by simply looking online and checking out what you think will work best for you. Today though, I’m going to give you an idea of what you should look at when searching for stress relieving gadgets.

The whole world is running behind the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart gadgets. But, what about the stress management? You will find several ways to manage stress by visiting a doctor or a fitness instructor. But, how about if you get the same remedy from your smart gadget?

A smart gadget is driverless cars, smart televisions and many more. With the technologies developing day by day, there are several devices which can help you out to relieve your stress in different ways. Here are 5 cool gadgets to relieve your stress:

1- Spire Stone Meditation Device

2- Muse Headband

3- Sensate Bracelet

4- Aura Digital Photo Frame

5- Zensorium Being Smart Health Band

Your mind, body and soul are all connected. When your mind is in a state of stress, your body follows suit by tensing up and eventually your soul feels the pressure.

These 5 gadgets can be used to help you deal with stress and bring yourself into a state of tranquility.

1. The HapiFork:

This smart fork connects to an app on your smartphone (either iOS or Android) and tracks how long you take between bites, how many bites you take per minute, how long each meal lasts and the total amount of food consumed. This helps you to get into better eating habits by giving you a visual representation of your eating habits.

2. Fitbit One:

The Fitbit One is a pedometer that clips anywhere on your clothing and records the number of steps taken throughout the day as well as distance traveled and calories burned from walking. It can also track sleep patterns and has an alarm that vibrates to wake you up rather than waking up others in your vicinity.

3. Muse Headband:

This headband has sensors built in to monitor brainwaves using EEG technology while at rest or under stress. The companion app uses that information to provide insight into your mental activity, including stress level, attention

Stress is a common problem in today’s world. A lot of people working in the corporate sector have to deal with stress on a regular basis. As a result, they might suffer from health issues such as headaches, backaches and sleeplessness.

Here are five gadgets that can help you get rid of stress:

1. Massage Chair

2. Forearm Massager

3. Neck Massager

4. Handheld Pulse massager

5. Foot Massager

Today, I have brought you some of the smart gadgets for relieving stress.

Anxiety is a common problem in modern life. All people have anxiety at some point in their life. But if your anxiety level is increased and it disturbs your daily routine, then you need to get rid of anxiety as soon as possible. There are many ways to get rid of anxiety; however, the following smart gadgets will help you reducing your stress level.

1) Lumo Lift: Lumo Lift is a new wearable technology which helps you improving your posture and confident appearance. It is a tiny device that can be worn discreetly under clothing while displaying the real-time feedback on its associated application. This small device vibrates when you slouch, reminding you to improve your posture and it also tracks steps and calories burnt during the day. You can connect with your friends, compare progress and compete with them through this app.

2)Sensoria Fitness Socks: Sensoria fitness socks are equipped with textile pressure sensors which check the health of your feet during running or walking. These socks track speed, distance and cadence when used along with their anklet or smart t-shirt; these socks measure foot landing technique, ground contact time and impact score on the app.

The largest hurdle to the Internet of Things is the fact that most products are not “smart”. Their makers haven’t always seen the need or value in them. This has left consumers with a lot of devices that lack sensors and software, devices that cannot connect to the Internet or each other. It’s not like every product can become a smart device, so which ones should it?

Home security is one area where smart gadgets are making their mark. There are already a few products on the market that use sensors and data capture to sense when people enter your home, which you can check on via your smartphone. Products like Canary, a smart home security device, will notify you if they hear an alarm or detect motion in your home while you are away. Even pets have gotten in on the trend with Whistle Activity Monitor, which lets you know when your dog walks away from his collar.