How to Transfer iPhone Apps and Games to Another iPhone | How To Guide

How to Transfer iPhone Apps and Games to Another iPhone

If your friend has one iPhone, needs some applications that are on your iPhone, transferring them to there is easy. The process of downloading will waste our time and money.

Requirements for the transfer:

  • Two iPhones
  • USB, Mac or PC
  • Computer
  • Latest version of iTunes.

Connect the iPhone that have the apps you want to transfer into Mac or PC using its USB cable. You are supposed to use the iTunes of the targeted iPhone.

Transfer iPhone Apps and Games to Another iPhone

Steps to follow:

  1. Enter your iTunes username and password.
  1. The iTunes will open and synchronization will occur.
  2. After the synchronization, you can unplug your iPhone and connect the other one with the USB cable.
  3. After connecting, the name of the other iPhone will appear under the device heading on the side panel.
  4. Click on the apps under the library heading. There you will see all the apps you had synchronized by the first iPhone.
  5. Pick on apps you want to transfer to your new iPhone and drop them on the name you have given your new iPhone, click on sync at the bottom and they will be transferred to the new iPhone.
  6. On the application tab, you can see the apps that you have transferred.

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